Gavin Mah: Natural Supplement Entrepreneur & Innovator

​​As the CEO of Finlandia and President/Owner of BioMed, Gavin Mah is a perfect example of someone who has dedicated his life to helping people get better and thrive using natural supplements. He is also a brilliant entrepreneur and innovator with a solid foundation going back decades in the expanding supplement and vitamins industries.​

As people struggle to get help from an overworked and understaffed traditional medical system, they move more and more toward taking health matters into their own hands. Both Finlandia and BioMed, have been assisting and advising the public on what supplements to take to get the best results.

B​izWell is ​all about exploring more connections between business and wellness. Laurent has been in the health and wellness space for a very long time. He has produced and directed 2 feature-length documentaries exploring more and better ways to incorporate wellness into our lives.

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