Gerald Auger: Story of Thriving Despite Early Childhood Trauma

Gerald Auger is a First Nations actor, producer, writer, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker from Wabasca, Alberta. He is of Woodland Cree descent. In 1996 and 1997, Auger was awarded the National Native Role Model by the Governor-General of Canada and spent the next two years visiting more than thirteen communities across Canada, inspiring his aboriginal peers, relating stories about his experiences, and bonding with locals through cultural events and ceremonies.

In this interview, Gerald talks about why he interrupted his very successful career in Holywood to spend 6 years in the wilderness and discover what it means to be a 4 dimensional Human Being.

It was a real pleasure and honor for me to interview Gerald, who is scheduled to play a major part next to the french celebrity Michel Jonasz, in our upcoming film With An Open Heart

Filming location