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Vibrant Small Town Living in Stony Plain, Alberta

A recent Alberta government campaign called “Alberta is Calling” highlights the desirability of Alberta living over life in Vancouver — and the Town of Stony Plain could most definitely be its poster child.

Stony Plain, Alberta has a population of over 19,772 residents and is located approximately 25 km west of Edmonton. This small town offers its residents a unique lifestyle where they enjoy the benefits of living in a small town while still maintaining access to the large metropolitan areas.


Sixty-five percent of the population lives within five kilometres of downtown Stony Plain. The downtown core is well looked after and adorably picturesque, with many murals painted to showcase the Indigenous and pioneering history of the place.

The town boasts great restaurant experiences, shopping malls, an outdoor pool, curling rink, tennis court, a CGPA 18-hole golf course, parks, schools, sports facilities, special events and other attractions.


With a growing economy and strong employment opportunities, Stony Plain has become a desirable location for businesses looking to expand their operations. 

Stony Plain is at the forefront of business innovations and developments. Stony Plain is headquarters for TRINUS Technologies, Mira Timber Frames and MyBudgetFile.

A fast-growing community, Stony Plain has seen its population grow by more than 50 percent since 2003 alone, and expects its annual population increase to continue at a faster than average pace.

Yet, Stoney Plain retain an adoration for the small town life.

Plus, with easy access to Highway 16, Highway 22, and the Trans Canada Highway, if there’s anything you require, you can have it in this small town. A beautiful Best Western Sunrise Inn & Suites makes a place to stay if you’re visiting. Just five minutes away is neighbouring Spruce Grove, and 35 minutes East is Edmonton, Alberta’s second-largest city. 

Stony Plain is part of the Parkland County municipal district of Alberta.

Why was the town called Stony Plain?

The first settlers arrived in the area in 1882 when the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) built a railway line through the area. In 1886, the CPR established a station at what was then known as “Stoney Creek”.

As a result, the name “Stony Plain” was given to this town because of the Stoney native people who used to live there, descendants of the Dakota (Sioux), Lakota and Nakota tribes and the western groups of the Assiniboine.

What are some of the best things about living in Stony Plain?

There’s no doubt that Stony Plain is one of the most beautiful places in Alberta. It’s a great place to live and raise your family.

Stony Plain has a wide variety of recreational activities available, including an indoor ice arena, a public golf course and driving range, outdoor pools, curling rinks, baseball and softball diamonds, skate and BMX parks, sports fields, soccer pitches, basketball and volleyball nets, and several playgrounds.

The community’s 18-hole golf club transforms into cross-country skiing tracks during the winter months.

During the summer months, Stony Plain holds two large music festivals — the Blueberry Bluegrass, the largest bluegrass event in Western Canada, and the Country Music Festival.

Because of the many local farms, Stony Plain boasts two bustling farmers’ markets.

Is Stony Plain a good place to live?

Lisa Levasseur, co-founder of the BizWell Studio and internationally-known artist, says Stony Plain is where she feels most at home. “The people here are really down to earth,” she says. “They’re not pretentious.”

“It’s a farming community where everyone has a strong sense of community and shared value.”

“There is more of a city vibe in Spruce Grove, you’re living just 5 minutes away. But Stony Plain has retained that small town charm.”

“One of my favorite museums is the one located here. I love the history, the exhibits, and the fact that they’re showing how hardworking and industrious humans have been throughout time.”

It’s also home to a number of recreational activities. Lisa herself is passionate about her connection with the land and horses. She’s launched an innovative ranchettee housing community called Excella Equine Park – a proposed horse community by Excella Estates.

What is the cost of living in Stony Plain?

Stony Plain was rated in the top #65 places to live in Canada, with an average value of primary real estate $338,798 according to Maclean’s Magazine.

The rating is based on affordability, taxes, internet access, population growth, low crime, weather, health, amenities and sense of community.

Property tax is 1.6% of the average of income. The average after-tax household income in Stony Plain is $89,300 according to Statistics Canada.

The Town of Stony Plain 

In conclusion, Stony Plain is a vibrant fast-growing community that remains grassroots and humble, with a lot to offer its residents. If you’re considering living and working on an acreage but never being too far from the big city, Stony Plain is your answer.

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