World-Class Vancouver Vegan Scene Explored in New Documentary

Vancouver is arguably the vegan capital of the world, that few people know about. While companies like Beyond Meat, Earth Island, and Miyoko’s Creamery south of the border continue to see record growth and expansion — successful startups, restaurants, and foodservice businesses are wow-ing customers and helping many others make the switch to plant-based up in Vancouver, British Columbia.

That’s why Laurent Goldstein, film producer and co-founder of BizWell Studio, recently set out to explore the vegan Vancouver scene for a new documentary.

Vancouver, the home of the Canucks and Hollywood North, is less well-known as a Vegan destination. But Vancouver is an expanding Vegan Mecca — home to vegan businesses as big and well-known as Daiya, as well as vegan restaurants and food research and development companies. Take one stroll down Commercial Dr. or the quaint streets of Kitsilano (“Kits”) and discover a vibrant culinary scene with an extensive menu of everything from all-vegan pizzas, rice bowls, and eastern cuisine, to vegan hot chocolate and cold brew cafés. When it comes to reducing the use of animal products and promoting health, Vancouver unquestionably has a lot to offer the rest of the world. 

Why we are making this film

Watch: Vancouver Vegan Mecca Trailer

On a global scale, documentaries like Cowspiracy, Health Matters, Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead, Earthlings, Seaspiracy, On a scale of 1 to 10 , each have paved the way toward a shift toward plant-based foods. At BizWell Studio, with our Vancouver Video Production office, we like to celebrate people and towns where innovation, passion, and unconventional thinking prevail. The vegan movement is growing leaps and bounds and few people know that the city of Vancouver has been a real trendsetter in that space. It all began in the 1970s, in Kitsilano. It had previously been a hippy hangout and has since become one of the greatest areas for vegans and vegetarians to eat. 

The tasty Vancouver vegan scene

There’s no better illustration of vegan companies making a difference for animal welfare, the environment, and health than those in this mountain-beach Canadian city. Over time, it has developed into one of the most vegan-friendly places on Earth. Entire city blocks and areas like Mt. Pleasant, offer fantastic choices of vegan dishes from Juice Bars, to restaurants, pizzerias, and cafes, entirely promoting exclusive vegan menus. Vancouver is home to several of the world’s top vegan food companies, including Daiya, Very Good Butchers, Vega, and many more. Vancouver also has a large number of farm rescue initiatives and key innovative thinkers in the field.

Our new documentary Vancouver, the Vegan Mecca, filmed in the vegan-friendly neighborhoods of Mount Pleasant, Commercial Drive, Victoria Drive, East Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Kitsilano, tells the story of the birth of this exciting movement back in the seventies and how it has evolved, becoming more and more mainstream and attracting major interest from the venture capitalists arena. It is a celebration and a reflection on the future of foods and BizWell Studio is proud of being part of the journey with the documentary, along with the plant-based news vegan platform, that will co-host the film.

Canada’s largest plant-based event of the year, Planted Expo, takes place in Vancouver, BC! Over 200 vegan edible and lifestyle businesses in one place along with a stage packed with insightful, informative, and inspirational speakers from around the world. It is coming up in just a couple of weeks.

Celebrating local neighborhoods and small business 

Vancouver is now home to some of the finest vegan restaurants in the world, and there are even more options available if you don’t want to dine at a restaurant. From food trucks to labs for researching the next vegan thing, Vancouver has a lot to feature. Have you ever wondered what it takes to make the perfect cashew mozzarella pizza? Vancouver entrepreneurs know how to, we taste-tasted. Or perhaps you never knew vegan sushi could be so extravagant, and successful. Vancouver has it all.

Some of the restaurants we visit in the film include local favs and new spots like Komo Frozen Foods, Blue Heron Vegan Cheeze, Virtuous Pie, Meet, Planetary Burger, Boosh, Chickpea Restaraunt and Food Truck and Nature’s Path, and more. All of these successful businesses represent the local and global rising popularity of vegan comfort food dishes and daily consumer choices.

We are excited to share the stories of these amazing entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their communities by supporting local farmers, creating jobs, and bringing delicious vegan food to everyone. Their effort has made Vancouver a Vegan Mecca, one of the places with the most vegans in the world. We hope you enjoy the movie when it is completed.

Watch the documentary trailer below to preview the upcoming film:

If this cause is close to your heart, please check out the crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe.

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