Your Second Fifty

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“Your Second Fifty, rising above the fears of aging” was an impressive task to take on for a first time writer/director.  Laurent Goldstein was inspired by the topic from the start and dedicated over 18 months to it, with the help of his talented team and his incredible cast, to create a film which would inspire people to look at aging in a different way and not buy into the preconceived ideas and myths overly prevalent in society today. Some of the cast members include Bob Proctor, Naomi Judd, David Wolfe, Bruce Lipton, Bruce Allen. 

The movie is inspired from the book, titled “Your Second Fifty” by Frank Moffatt. The film explores aging as it relates to the physical, mental, financial, emotional and spiritual dimensions in life. Anchored around the principles of the “Biology of Belief” from Dr. Bruce Lipton and filmed in 6 different countries, this documentary features a fantastic music soundtrack composed by the band “the Moffatt” 

It has been a crowd pleaser at every event shown and is sure to trigger animated and passionate discussions around what it really means to grow older.

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