A Going Concern

“A Going Concern” tells the inspiring story of Gerry Levasseur, a serial entrepreneur from Edmonton, who has had a big positive impact in many communities. Gerry’s life is a shining example of doing business with a purpose, and serving others.

Left without a father at the age of 17, Gerry’s path to become an iconic Alberta businessman was not always easy. From starting his very first business in the small oil town of Devon AB, to owning an empire of hotels, RV and car dealerships,resorts, apartment buildings and equestrian centres, Gerry always had an instinct for jumping on a business opportunity when he saw one.

 Gerry was instrumental in the development of Maligne Lake outside of Jasper, one of the most photographed places on the planet. At the age of 88, Gerry is still active in the business. He has made a positive difference in many people’s lives. This film tells his story.


Your Second Fifty

“Your Second Fifty, rising above the fears of aging” was an impressive task to take on for a first time writer/director.  Laurent Goldstein was inspired by the topic from the start and dedicated over 18 months to it, with the help of his talented team and his incredible cast, to create a film which would inspire people to look at aging in a different way and not buy into the preconceived ideas and myths overly prevalent in society today. Some of the cast members include Bob Proctor, Naomi Judd, David Wolfe, Bruce Lipton, Bruce Allen. 

The movie is inspired from the book, titled “Your Second Fifty” by Frank Moffatt. The film explores aging as it relates to the physical, mental, financial, emotional and spiritual dimensions in life. Anchored around the principles of the “Biology of Belief” from Dr. Bruce Lipton and filmed in 6 different countries, this documentary features a fantastic music soundtrack composed by the band “the Moffatt” 

It has been a crowd pleaser at every event shown and is sure to trigger animated and passionate discussions around what it really means to grow older.


The Music of Magma

“To Life, Death and Beyond, The Music of Magma” highlights the life of an extraordinary musician, who has dedicated his entire life to producing the most beautiful music possible and the impact he is having all over the world. 

For 52 years, under the leadership of its visionary founder and leader Christian Vander, Magma has blown away audiences all over the world with their uncompromising, unique and stunningly beautiful music.

This Documentary offers a passionate insight into the mystery of this other worldly band. A moving and inspiring trip that will resonate with all music lovers, the film is also a powerful life lesson that talks about a passion that transcends time and boundaries.


On a Scale of 1 to 10

“On A Scale Of 1 To 10, The Silent Epidemic” is an attempt at shining new light on the issue of chronic pain, and looking at it from a physiological, mental, psychological and spiritual dimension. 

The motivation to make the film is to show people a different path to regain their quality of life. While chronic pain in some cases might never be totally overcome, there are modalities, therapies, approaches, that can make a substantial difference in people’s lives. 

The film explores methods to treat pain beyond prescription opioids, over the counter pills, and surgery. It takes you to clinics and wellness centres that are treating pain patients using new diagnostic tools, innovative research and advanced products and therapies. The film follows a few people alongside their struggle to regain their quality of life, and features interviews from some of the top experts in the field of pain.